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Review: Startup Drinks Feb 24

This is a specifically networking event, not a technical event like OCLUG and most of the others in my lists, which means the portion of my review about presenters will be extremely brief. 🙂 This is my first visit to this group. Continue reading

Review: Ruby Tuesday – Feb 23 meeting

This is a monthly meeting of Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts’ (OGRE). This group attracts a broad range of presentations and attendees, resulting in a very interesting evening. Continue reading

Review: Code Factory meeting space

I enjoy meetings at the Code Factory. Partly this is because it attracts interesting technical groups. Partly this is because the space is very welcoming, despite some small issues.

I am reviewing it separately from the meetings that are held there, to avoid repeating myself. I am using the same criteria that I apply to the “About the meeting space” sectioon in group reviews. Continue reading

Review: Ottawa-Carleton Unix User Group – Feb 17 meeting

This is a great group for talking about Unix and related or unrelated technical subjects. Nortel’s crash is a technical topic, right? Continue reading

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Review: Agile Ottawa Feb 9 meeting

About the meeting space

Getting there

Agile Ottawa now meets at the Adobe building, at 343 Preston Street, Ottawa. The building is actually set back behind the first row of buildings, but it has that huge Adobe logo on it, and it’s several stories tall, so we were able to see it from a couple of blocks away, coming from Carling in the south. Continue reading

Review: OCLUG meeting Feb 4

Let’s first talk about getting there. The OCLUG meetings since New Years have been in room B457 at Algonquin’s Woodroffe Campus. It is identified on the web site clearly, with a link to the map, which is a good start. However, Algonquin’s floor maps are not clear. Continue reading

Some Ottawa events Coming up

Some events – have not gone over my complete list of groups yet. Continue reading

Group Reviews

I have posted a list of Ottawa organizations that meet to discuss software-related topics. I have attended meetings of several of them  in the past and can recommend them. However, several I have not visited, so I can’t say what they are like.

Accordingly, I have decided to attend as many as I can in the next few months, and post a review here.

To be fair to all the groups, and to people who may have different goals in visiting a technical group, I will evaluate all the groups with the following criteria. They are very subjective criteria, so of course, ‘your mileage may vary.’ Continue reading

Grub re-install

Migrated. Originally posted: 2010-01-02

I have found a few places on the net with info on re-installing grub.

Here is what worked for me: Continue reading