Bugzilla’s got Skins!

Migrated. Originally posted: 2008-12-06

I like what I see in Bugzilla 3.2. I will itemize the things I find interesting.

Bugzilla’s got Skins!

Killer improvement for installing Bugzilla:
Now grab all the Perl modules for Bugzilla by running one script “install-module.pl” instead of running CPAN for each one individually and you don’t have to configure CPAN! (I just gotta try this.)

Custom fields:
Now with multi-line fields, multiple-selection boxes, and date/time fields.

Oracle support:
– It’s an “experimental” feature, but it hooks your mission-critical data into all that sweetness and light and automated offsite backups that Corporate IT provides. “Some features are known to be broken.” Check it out anyway.

Improved UTF-8 support:
Software development teams are now working with other teams around the world. “Bugzilla should now be usable by users in every country with little (or at least much less) customization.”

I didn’t even know it had LDAP authentication, but they’ve improved it, and added Radius support.

Web Service support:
Again, I never needed it, but it’s there. And now with support for “Bug.add_comment”. Looks like a great way to integrate your other tools with it.


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