changelists and mergeinfo for Subversion

Migrated. Originally posted: 2008-11-27


One of the reasons people like Perforce’s P4 is that it has changelists. You can add some files to a changelist, and other files to another changelist, then check in one changelist when you are ready, and not the other.

Now, in Subversion 1.5, you can do the same thing.

I used this feature a bit when I had P4, but didn’t miss it when I started using other version control systems. Maybe you are using Subversion and want it back? Upgrading your Subversion client to 1.5 will do it for you.

Tortoise SVN supports changeslists, too.


I notice that Subversion has merge tracking now, but not all the features are in place. If interested, look closely at the list of outstanding issues, especially the one that says that sometimes:

“svn mergeinfo” shows too few or too many eligible revisions

I will wait before advocating this feature, but I definitely look forward to using it!


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