Codestriker – Peer Code Review with software support

Migrated. Originally posted: 2008-01-01

There are a lot of people out there who would like to do code review at their company, but there is no time for the meetings. Now there are several software products that allow you to do the code review without the meetings.

Codestriker is a a free open source product, that allows you to ask reviewers to look at your code. You upload a diff file to a web page and list who you want to do the review, and optionally what Bugzilla bugID is relevant. They reply by web forms. You resolve the bug, or not, in the code review. The result is posted to the Bugzilla bug.

There is also integration to your version control system, but I am not familiar with that part.

There is one area you may want to watch for. Codestriker, in the version I saw, uses the same HTML field for user name as other software, at exactly the wrong spot. At one point, a “who are you” dialog box pops up with “your” address in it, as you have filled it out on previous forms in your web browser. You would probably rather put your company email address in there. This is particularly a problem if your corporate MS Excange Server disables forwarding for all computers not in the Windows Domain. You won’t have a clue where the missing mail messages went.


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