dcop: tool for controlling stuff, like Konsole

Migrated. Originally posted: 2009-04-04

KDE uses DCOP as its tools for automating the interface in KDE 3.X. In KDE 4.X, DBUS is used instead. I use the following program to connect to machines in a “build” network at work. As you can see, it saves some typing, but more important, it shows the name of the machine on the Konsole tab.

set -ue

function usage() {
    echo Usage: $0 computername
    echo " -" $0 will renamethe current tab after the machine, and ssh to it

    exit 1

if [ $# -eq "0" ]
    echo Error: Please supply the computer name


konsole=$( echo $KONSOLE_DCOP | sed 's/.*(\([^,]\+\).*/\1/' )

echo Connecting to: ${computer}.build

session=$( dcop $konsole konsole currentSession )
dcop $konsole $session renameSession $computer
ssh sxdev@${computer}.build
dcop $konsole $session renameSession "shell (was $computer)"

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