Migrated. Originally posted: 2009-04-04

I wanted to edit files on another computer, with an editor window on my own computer.

When I mentioned this to one of the guys at work, he suggested “fish”.
Turns out “fish” is a protocol that rides on top of SSH.
I just had to type in a URL for the machine, like fish://machine/, and Kate would try to open an ssh connection to there, and show me files in the default folder.

I used this for setting up DNS for internal servers. I set up a separate “Session” in Kate with the DNS and reverse-DNS files for Bind9. Then when I open that session in Kate, I have those two files right there on my desktop.

I still have to open a real SSH link to the DNS server to “reload” bind9, and test that my changes worked, and that I remembered to increment the “Serial” value in both files, but fish+Kate works better for me.


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