Languages to consider for your next project

Migrated. Originally posted: 2007-12-23

The Bugzilla project has recently discussed whether to continue writing Bugzilla in Perl. As far as I can tell, they are not likely to abandon Perl, but there was discussion about what language would be best.

I am mentioning this because Build Systems have some of the same characteristics as Bugzilla:

  • You want to be able to work with multiple developers over a period of years
  • Readbility is important for those multiple programmers
  • It’s gonna get bigger. This affects architecture, paradigm (to OO or not to OO, and other questions) etc
  • Can we get free, useful modules that make our work simpler?

The page linked below is a comparison of some popular languages, specifically based on Bugzilla’s need: Comparisons

If you use Perl, but don’t know it well, you might find their list of “Cons” for Perl 5 interesting and useful.

Max wrote the original blog post on Bugzilla and Perl in May 2007.


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