Migrated. Originally published: 2006-10-04

Well, that was interesting!
Today I checked my site and it was showing some weird text with braces spread all through it! It looked like some weird version of the source code of my PHP! Except that it couldn’t show the page layout at all from the main file (index.php) as the templates are included by it, using PHP. So PHP wasn’t actually turned off.

To make a long story short, it turns out my “host” upgraded to PHP 5.1.6. And it turns out that Drupal 4.6.x, which I was using, doesn’t work with PHP 5.1.X, although it works with 4.X and 5.0.X. So I had to upgrade to Drupal 4.7.3.

And everything is hunky dory again. Maybe I oughta put up a real post…


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