Group Reviews

I have posted a list of Ottawa organizations that meet to discuss software-related topics. I have attended meetings of several of them  in the past and can recommend them. However, several I have not visited, so I can’t say what they are like.

Accordingly, I have decided to attend as many as I can in the next few months, and post a review here.

To be fair to all the groups, and to people who may have different goals in visiting a technical group, I will evaluate all the groups with the following criteria. They are very subjective criteria, so of course, ‘your mileage may vary.’

Suggestions for improvements to the criteria are welcome!

Review Criteria

About the meeting space

  • Getting there
    • Is it in a well-labeled location? Easy to find on Google and when you arrive?
    • Parking
      • Lots?
      • Cost? Free?
    • Bus access
      • At arrival and departure times
  • Room
    • Size holds how many will it hold?
    • Visibility can all seats see the screen and the presenter?
    • Cost to group or attendee?
    • Seats comfortable?
    • Table to put computers on?
    • Temperature? Comfortable?
    • Sound system?
  • Services
    • Washrooms quality?
    • Food and drink Available in room or nearby? Cost?
  • Safe
    • Do people walking alone seem to feel exposed going to or from the meeting? Especially at night after the meeting.

About the group

  • Attendees
    • Tech experience?
    • Number?
    • Roles: consultants, managers, developers, VC?
  • Group interaction
    • Online
    • After meeting?
    • Sub groups?
    • Easy to find out about the next meeting?

About the meeting

  • Presenters
    • Experienced technically
    • Level of experience required of audience
    • Presentation skills
    • Interaction of audience with presenter
  • Times
    • Start and end times?
    • Did they start/end on time?
  • After the meeting gathering?
    • Room for all who want to go?
    • Where?
    • Cost?

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