Review: Agile Ottawa Feb 9 meeting

About the meeting space

Getting there

Agile Ottawa now meets at the Adobe building, at 343 Preston Street, Ottawa. The building is actually set back behind the first row of buildings, but it has that huge Adobe logo on it, and it’s several stories tall, so we were able to see it from a couple of blocks away, coming from Carling in the south.

The location was also easy to find on Google. However, we took a few minutes to find some free parking spots open on a small street just across Preston. There is an underground parking garage, but I don’t know the rates as we opted to look for free parking first.

The only bus on Preston seems to be the number 3, which runs every 30 half-hour after about 7pm, and every 20 minutes before that. The 85 and 101 run up Carling. I arrived by car (Thanks for the ride, Martin!), direct from work. I went home by walking to the O-Train station at Carling and from there took the 97.


The auditorium we used at Adobe is huge and nice. I think it will hold a couple of hundred people seated, and the screen is clearly visible from all seats. No tables, no power for the seats, though. Nice comfy chairs, warm room. The audio is excellent. They make recordings of the speakers and broadcast the meeting on the internet. One of the posters on the internet asked a question at one point – possibly from a laptop inside the room. Dunno.


The washrooms were gleaming clean hi-tech irritants. I thought the water in the sinks at the Coliseum 12 were the worst possible, but this place not only restricts water, it restricts paper towels. The extra roll on top is clearly required, not just for you but for anyone needing a paper towel in the next minute or two.

The room had some free drinks in a cooler. Nothing to eat. There may be a cafeteria or soemthing in a basement area nearby. Dunno.


As I said, I walked to the O-Train when leaving. Since this was after we had been to the bar for a while, it was probably around 9:30. If this is a concern for you, I would check on the bus times and stop locations.

About the meeting


There was one presenter, Norbert Winklareth. He is an experienced Agile coach, with extensive software management experience. He does a good job presenting his material. He expects his audience to be familiar with software development, which it was. It was also happy to read and understand his graphs. He invited and dealt well with questions during his presentation. The audience asked questions and sometimes participated in developing answers to those questions.


Networking time – 6 to 6:30, Presentation 6:30 to 8:00.

The networking started with only 6 or 8 people at 6pm. I am not sure what time the presentation started, but it may have been a bit late. I think the meeting ended around 8:00pm as expected.

After the meeting gathering?

About 12 or 14 people met after at the Heart and Crown. We took a set of tables jammed together that allowed all of us to sit together. The beer and food seemed to be priced fairly – I didn’t take notes.

About the group


Several of the 20 or 30 people there are Agile coaches. Most others seem to be software developers or managers.

Group interaction

This group has a fairly active LinkedIn group. The next meeting will be announced on the web site at


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