Review: Ottawa-Carleton Unix User Group – Feb 17 meeting

This is a great group for talking about Unix and related or unrelated technical subjects. Nortel’s crash is a technical topic, right?

About the meeting space

Getting there

Just a warning – (don’t do what I do, do what I say, eh?) – you should actually check an address before you go there. I mis-remembered the location of Metcalfe, even though I worked next door on Elgin for two years. This resulted in an odyssey from Kent & Albert to Metcalfe and then down all the way past Somerset to Gilmour. That’s why I was late, at least that’s my story etc…

If you come by bus, go down Elgin on the 5/6/14, or down Bank on the 1/2/4/7. Parking should be possible in the area; there might even be some free spots on the street in the evening.

The Colonnade Pizza & Restaurant is at 280 Metcalfe. it has a typical/slightly eccentric small restaurant ambience in some ways. An arrow on the door directed me to go through the building lobby. This may be because the ‘mormal’ doorway doesn’t have a second-door airlock style entry, so opening the door will chill the patrons feet all the way to the back.


The guy at the front till didn’t know about a “Unix Group”, but the back of the restaurant has a somewhat more formal “wait to be seated” area. The maitre’d there pointed me to the right set of tables.

The washrooms are adequate. The food is reasonably priced. I think I spent $20 with tip, for a Guinness and a chicken salad. The service was unobtrusive and responsive.


There seemed to be no seedy characters in this part of downtown while I was there. Also, on the way to the restaurant, several people were walking south at the same time as me, making it less likely that such characters would be a problem. Of course I don’t know what they thought of me peering at the signs on all the cross streets as we went. Probably thought I was lost.

About the group

The 5 attendees were all technical people with probably more that 25 years experience in software or hardware or both. The conversation was lively and on topic, including Nortel stories. One insisted after every one of her stories (“And then I had to build CP/M for my computer myself”) that she is not a geek. And we all believe her implicitly, of course.

About the meeting

Presenters? Not at this meeting. However, a decent level of technical knowledge is expected of the audience.

Events seemed to have started on time, as everyone else’s order had been placed by the time I got there. End time is less critical with this type of group.

After meeting? Not needed. 🙂


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