Review: Ruby Tuesday – Feb 23 meeting

This is a monthly meeting of Ottawa Group of Ruby Enthusiasts’ (OGRE). This group attracts a broad range of presentations and attendees, resulting in a very interesting evening.

About the meeting space

See: Review: Code Factory meeting space for info about the Code Factory space.

About the group


There were about 18 people, including three of us who arrived later than 6:30pm. When I arrived at 6:35 or so, it appeared that the meeting appeared had started on time. It looks like most people arrive for networking soon after 6:00pm.

There may have been a couple of company owners there from Ruby-centric companies like Shopify, but most people there were developers with experience ranging from a couple of years or less to about 20 years or more.

The OGRE group has an active mail list. The next meeting is announced on the list and there are technical discussions regularly.

About the meeting


There were two presentations. Don Kelly’s presentation on LLVM and Treetop was about the esoteric technical area of writing your own language using Ruby-based tools. Julie Hache spoke on updating Ruby on Rails from 2 to 3, why and how.

The presenters spoke clearly and enthusiastically about their topics. Their technical knowledge was obvious. In both cases, their presentations were accessible to someone with limited Ruby experience, as well as experienced Ruby developers. This was partly because they were both competent presenters.

There was a community announcement from someone working on the “Hobo” framework which extends Rails.


The meeting started on time and ended at a reasonaable time near 8:00pm.

After the meeting gathering?

About 8 people got together at Darcy Magee’s. It took a few minutes for them to arrange a space for the group, but I don’t think anyone had contacted them in advance. The cost was reasonable. The service was prompt and courteous.


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