Review: Startup Drinks Feb 24

This is a specifically networking event, not a technical event like OCLUG and most of the others in my lists, which means the portion of my review about presenters will be extremely brief. 🙂 This is my first visit to this group.

About the meeting space

Getting there

I was able to find Patty Boland’s pub at 101 Clarence St. easily on Google, and on foot once I reached Clarence Ave. If you are walking from the Rideau bus terminal, it’s a nice walk for someone who walks a lot.

The area is busy with little parking, as anyone who has ever visited the Market will remember. However, there were some empty parking spaces on Clarence when I arrived at 6:15pm. I don’t think there is free parking in the area.

Bus service is the best there is in Ottawa, once you get to the transitway at Rideau.


The room is the second floor area, up a set of stairs. There is room for probably 30 people in the area. No other bar patrons were in that area, just people there for the Startup Drinks event.

Sound system, screen and presenters – not relevant. 🙂

The seats are good bar seats, and the place felt comfortable. There are tables, but no one there seemed to feel the need to pull out a laptop

Cost of the space is just the expectation that patrons will purchase drinks and/or food.


I spent about $15 on a coffee and big bowl of chili. Service seemed OK to me: prompt and polite. The washrooms worked, but were not overly well cared for.


I found that the walk back to the Rideau seemed safe and comfortable. Most people I saw seemed to be patrons of bars moving to or from. I was not accosted by drunks or beggars.

About the group


The 15 or 20 people at this event included startup owners and technical people, mostly or all software developers. Probably some of the software developers had less than 5 years experience but some had more than 10, like myself.

Group interaction

People interested in Startups as a group may have online interaction, but not through, unless you think Twitter and RSS count as “interaction”. at least allows comments on their posts.

No sub-groups obviously visible. Find the next meeting by RSS or Twitter on

About the meeting


No presenters, just a short announcement and welcome at one point. I said my comments about the presenters would be ‘brief’. Done. 🙂


No particular end time. People just left whenever.

After the meeting gathering?

The meeting ‘is’ the after-meeting.


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