Review: IGDA round table

The International Game Developers Association, Ottawa chapter, had a round-table meeting. I enjoyed the round-table called “Managing Your Way Through a Project Lifecycle”. I found the active presence of software managers a useful part of the meeting.

About the meeting space

Getting there

Carleton is not the normal location for this group, however, the following info is relevant for other groups meeting there. Carleton University is easy to find, but for anyone except Carleton grads, a link to a map of the campus would have been useful, showing where buildings are. One panel member was 10 minutes late through not finding Paterson Hall.

Parking is expensive at Carleton, unless you park at the south end of the campus, far from everything. Bus and O-Train access are more central. The O-Train provides access at 20 min intervals until late at night.


The classroom where we met was 129 Paterson Hall. It could hole about 30 people seated at tables. The chairs were comfortable. The people present could see clearly for the round table format. The temperature was fine. There was no need for projectors or sound system, and there was none.


Washrooms were OK. Food and drink are available in the University Centre building. At least some of the franchises are more expensive than at non-university locations.


There were lots of students around while I was there, so it seemed that no one would be likely to get caught alone with the wrong person.

About the group


In the round-table group I joined, with 8 or 10 people present, there were students, experienced developers and about half of the group were experienced managers.

Group interaction

There is some online activity on the group blog at They also have a mail list at

About the meeting


Tony lead the round table discussions. He was one of the managers present. He was obviously prepared and provided leadership and control of the discussion. There was lots of discussion and interaction between those present. The students had questions about how to apply the groups experience to their projects, in class and out. The experienced managers traded stories and asked probing questions.


The group started at 6:30pm as expected. The chips and pop provided by the sponsor arrived soon after.

After the meeting gathering

There wasn’t one that I noticed, at this meeting.


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