ncdu – UI for du

I discovered “ncdu” today. It looks like a front end for “du”, but I like it for the visual image of relative disk space. It runs in a terminal and requires ncurses – that’s what the “nc” part of the name means.

If you didn’t know about  “du”, it reports on “disk usage”. Generally you want to add a paramter or two. Try “du -sc *” to show subtotals of folders, instead of an endless list from inside them(that’s the ‘s’), and a total (that’s the c).

You can use ncdu to decide what to prune in your own folders.

Another use for it is to share info for a shared directory, especially useful for admins.

There are only a few active keys in the app. these are possibly the most important:

  • q – quit
  • Enter – navigation
  • ? – show help onscreen – including more keys
  • d – delete

Example screen shot:

  212.6MB [##########] /ISOs
  151.3MB [#######   ]  eclipse-SDK-3.4.2-linux-gtk.tar.gz
   73.6MB [###       ]  jdk-6u17-windows-i586.exe
   43.4MB [##        ]  AdbeRdr9.3-1_i486linux_enu.bin
   30.9MB [#         ]  Realtime_Matthew_Bastien.odp
   14.9MB [          ] /d-language
    3.9MB [          ]  unetbootin-linux-372
    2.7MB [          ]  dwt-3.4-1.tar.bz2
    2.4MB [          ]  Embedded_Linux_Glenn_Henshaw.pdf
    1.7MB [          ]  dsss-0.78-x86-gnuWlinux.tar.bz2
    1.7MB [          ]  Django-0.96.1.tar.gz

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