Cherrypal underdelivers

I got my Charrypal ‘Africa’ Linux on Thursday. I am happy to report that it works. Except for some pages that the broswer doesn’t like – it crashes consistently on

Delivery? They promised 5 days, and delivered in 6 weeks + 6 days.

Browser? ‘Konqueror’ – no version info. Doesn’t have Flash. Doesn’t remember its new home page setting after computer turns off – reverts to No bookmarks. No menu.

Linux? Apparently, but no command line, no way to open or see files outside the data area called “C:/”. The CPU is a jz4750, which Wikipedia thinks is compatible with the ‘MIPSII’. Maybe there’s a distro I can put on an SD card?

Good points:

Networking – wired works, but yellow light on Belkin router – 10Mb? Wireless also works, but you must not hide your ESSID or it can’t connect – there is no way for you to enter the ESSID.

Text editing: I found a way to write text files – use AbiWord.

Spreadsheet: Gnumeric works OK, so I can share these files with the desktop.

Storage: USB works. It also reads SD cards OK.

I will keep it and probably have fun hacking it, but I would not recommend it for giving to your kids. 🙂


6 responses to “Cherrypal underdelivers

  1. Mine works very well. You might have forgotten that the only thing Cherrypal promised was access to the Internet. From my perspective they overdelivered. Cherrypal, great job, keep up the good work.

    • Oh, goody, someone else who has one. Do you know how to use the software installer? It’s just a big empty gray box with a button that says “Uninstall”. No idea if it’s supposed to talk to a repository or if you have to manually go somewhere to grab software to install.

      Does your browser remember the home page you set, or does it revert to as soon as you reboot?

      Did yours come with any paper except the empty warranty form that says it has to be filled out by the store that sold it to you? Mine was delivered with the bottom of the box opened, probably by customs, probably because it was easier than opening the taped-up top.

  2. I’ve had fun with mine, so far. I can get on the ‘net without lugging my full laptop around, which was my goal. I’ve yet to figure out, though, how to get a command line, use the installer, or even get plug-ins to add to konqueror (my reading tells me that konqueror can read a plug-in for flash, if one can just get it to search for the plug-in0. All sarcasm aside, though, I read the ad to say “will surf the net slowly” and that’s all I expected.

    • Glad to hear you like it, gurdonark.

      I don’t expect Adobe to provide a Flash plugin for the JZ4750. Maybe there’s an open source one that could be cross-compiled?

  3. Did you manage to open a shell already?

    • I haven’t got a shell running. I haven’t got a tool chain running. I have downloaded one from Sourcery, which may not be appropriate. so far I am using the Cherrypal mainly to read PDF’s from work on the bus.

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