Monthly Archives: May 2010

Updated User Group list

See: Ottawa Groups, also linked from the top of the page.

This is sorted into three areas:

  • User Groups
  • Startup Scene
  • Microsoft-related groups

Each area is sorted by week of month and day of week, you know, 2nd Thursday comes after 2nd Tues on my list, even if it might not happen that way in a particular month. 🙂

I wish i’d said that

Quote from a software developer:
“It works! I must have fixed it!”

What’s life without a few pleasant surprises? Software developers around the world have thought this more than once, but it’s great to hear it out loud.

Algonquin college update

Software errors at your fave institution getting you down?

Someone I know is going to Algonquin College in Ottawa, full time. They are also taking a French course, so they will be able to apply their new skills in the federal public service. French courses are for part-time students. Actually all the department’s staff are part-time or contract as well, but that’s probably not relevant here, or is it?

Algonquin’s computer system says that full-time and part-time are different: that no one takes both full time and part time courses. So my friend has two schedules – the full-time course schedule and the part-time course schedule, with one course on it. Anyone remember doing cut and paste to assemble paper documents? Yeah, that bad.

They do fix their software when they notice egregious errors, though. This term part time students can successfully register online for their French classes!

Bottom up development

I went around a “suburban” development site, and took some pics that resonate with “software” development sites. The first one is a basement under construction.