Well, did you?

Sir, have you used Twitter, Emacs, RoR, or Facebook today?

Did you inhale?


2 responses to “Well, did you?

  1. I much prefer Emacs to other editors, and the first change I make in Eclipse is the keyboard mapping: change to Emacs. However, telling other people about it is a challenge because others have got used to Vim or the Microsoft world. And the Emacs ‘learning curve’ is an obstacle. Maybe Emacs would get better mention if it did not have splintered versions (and we need a good comparative review of the versions).

    • Yeah, I could have listed vi and Microsoft and gmail and television and gasoline as addictive technologies, too, but there is never room for all the ones you love. And they aren’t quite as clichéd in this context.
      Thanks, Rick!

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