Xubuntu in

Xubuntu in.

XP usage down.

I made the Kitchen Computer dual boot, so the kids don’t have to use Windows, and deal with all those bugs and the malware.

And so I don’t have to re-install it, yet again.

I am using Ubuntu 8.04 on the other computer, and KDE at work.
I like KDE, so I thought Kubuntu 10.10 would be fun at home.

Not so nice. It swaps on 512MB with Firefox running.

So I tried Xubuntu.

  • Added Java and Flash for the kids.
  • Added the fix for IPv6 that I blogged about before.

Now everyone is OK using Linux in the kitchen.

Youtube in full screen mode is choppy. Why?

  • Driver for Intel MB?
  • Gnu’s Gnash instead of Flash?

Dunno. Not worried about it. Xubuntu rocks our house.


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