Reg asks: is Acer the new Apple?

In Acer: Alive, and thirsty for Apple juice, “El Reg” suggests that Acer could be an everyman’s Apple.

I’m not the only person to wonder who will rise up if/when Microsoft and/or Apple stumble. The way I see it, Microsoft has been the gorilla for a long time, and at least some people are trying hard to go elsewhere – where there are fewer 0-day virus vulnerabilities. Some people think Apple may lose Steve Jobs to retirement or “other” in the next few years, but he is only 55. He could be around, creative, and in charge at Apple for 20 more years.

Acer has a plan to reach out to the 70% of the world’s population that doesn’t have computers. They expect tablets to sell well there: “We’re used to the PC having a couple of different form-factors,” he said. “I think we will see in the future a variety of form-factor devices, satisfying different needs. It’s going to be a very exciting world. And this is the world where we want to play.” (El Reg quote)

Bloomberg Businessweek says: (quote) The new tablet computers may appeal to price-sensitive consumers, Angela Hsiang, an analyst with KGI Securities Co. in Taipei, said by telephone. “The debut highlights Acer’s official entry into the tablet computer market,” said Hsiang, who rates the stock “outperform.” (end quote)

Acer even has a non-Microsoft OS plan: GianFranco Lanci, CEO and President of Acer, promises “different operating systems – not only one operating system,” running on a range of different processors, including Qualcomm and the nVidia Tegra system-on-a-chip. (El Reg quote)

I never thought of Acer this way before. They are just the company that provides the cheap monitors I can afford. Thanks El Reg. This may be a fun company to watch. Watch Acer watch Apple. Run, Acer, run!


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