OGRE March meeting – Redis

Ever find memcached is just too limited?

Apparently Redis is the newest. It allows you to store key-value pairs, lists, sets, and even perform set operations, and have them go to disk or expire. I think Jonathan did the show and tell? There are client libraries for a bunch of languages.


  • I didn’t stay for the code wars after.
  • The pizza was great.
  • That’s a weird tap in the kitchen – twist for temperature setting, “push” to turn it on – that’s push toward the wall, not “push in”. Andrew and I had to ask.
  • Nice to see some mixing between Ottawa groups – Andrew, Michael, Adrian, maybe more.
  • Ottawa indie game group, “The Dirty Rectangles” was mentioned – http://www.dirty-rectangles.com/
  • International Game Developers Associations (IGDA) was mentioned: http://www.igda.org/ottawa

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