My ugliest … business card … ever!

My ugliest business card ever

Q-bars on business cards take up too much space and are too ugly. However, allowing people to grab your info from your card into their smart phone’s contact info directly – that’s powerful!

If I keep it, it will soon move to the back.


2 responses to “My ugliest … business card … ever!

  1. I like the idea.i wish you could produce some for me.

  2. Hi
    There are several places on the web where you can:
    – download tools to create/read QBars (or install from your repository, if you use Linux)
    – put some text in a form and the site produces the QBar for you
    One of these can help you create your own QBAR.

    I print my cards using Libre Office. There are templates to match various Business Card papers that you can buy in a shop.

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