Documenting XML in DITA 1.3

We have XML configurations in some Wind River software, so we need to document those XML elements and attributes. When we document our DITA implementation for our writing team, we also mention XML elements and attributes. Here are my thoughts on our transition process, and on XML domains in DITA.

I am looking forward to replacing the DITA 4 Publisher’s XML domain with DITA 1.3’s XML Mention Domain. I think the only difference is that <xmlelem> becomes <xmlelement>. We will have to allow the old element “forever” since it is found in topics in our CMS, including tagged copies of our releases.

We are using Schematron to enforce rules in the oXygen editor, so we will likely use that to ask writers to change instances of <xmlelem> to <xmlelement> when they edit a topic containing the old element.

Also, we mention the names of our doctypes. We consider doctypes to be different from regular XML elements, so <xmlelement> is not suitable. We use (writing from home here – guessing the correct spelling) <doctype-name>.

Does anyone else mention the name of XML Doctypes in your documentation? Do you use <xmlelement>? What do you do instead?




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