Angular 2 released

Google has announced that Angular 2 is ready for real world use!

If you need a Javascript library for developing a Single Page App, Angular 2 is a good way to go. Apparently lots of people have been using it, even in the pre-release beta versions.

As I learn more about modern Javascript, I am also learning about Javascript frameworks that provide Dependency Injection capabilities, of which Angular is one of the most used. I am reading and working with Reliable Javascript – How to Code Safely in the World’s Most Dangerous Language by Lawrence Spencer and Seth Richards.


I like their tag line on the blog title: proprioception-reinforcement.

What does it mean?

Discussing first the word I understand: reinforcement means making the original better or stronger – That’s a nice way to describe version 2.

That other word? Proprioception – that’s a medical term meaning the ability of the body to sense the relationship of one  part with another. An example of that would be the ability to sense when your arm is moving relative to your body – which is an “Angular” movement.

Thanks to Javascript Weekly for letting me know about Angular 2’s release.


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