No, that’s not a job

I created a new position on LinkedIn: “Rodeo Manager at Rob’s Search Kit”.

No, “Rob’s Search Kit” is not a company that hired me. It was a “funny” name for searching for a job. I have renamed that fake company to “Rob’s Job Search”.

Sorry for being unclear. Several people congratulated me on my “new job”. I hope the name change will help.

Why did I create a fake company name? Because I didn’t want to say I am now a “consultant”, like so many others before me.

Why do lots of people say they are “consultants” while they are looking for work? Two reasons:

  1. Someone might hire you for a 3 day gig, or for a 6 month contract. (Yay!)
  2. LinkedIn makes it hard to say you are unemployed. For example, LinkedIn claimed my last post was by “Rob Echlin at Wind River”. Yo! LinkedIn! I do not want Intel/Wind River to sue me for falsely claiming that I am still their employee!
  3. LinkedIn keeps hassling you to tell them where you are working now. That felt like shaming, the first time, and only faded to annoying. I don’t think you get used to it.

Why does LinkedIn not allow you to set your status to “Searching for my next landing spot?” This may be due to the self-deluding idea that people will be more likely to hire you if they think you are “working” as a consultant. I mean that – if you believe that you are deluding yourself! It won’t work because, oh yeah, you just sent her a resume, applying for the job they have open.

Anyway, thanks to all for the messages of support. I really appreciate it.



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