You need to post how many Tweets per day?

For marketing, you may have been told that you have to send out some number of tweets per day.

  • Because people only look back so far in their Twitter stream
  • Because they only look twice a day
  • Because they all subscribe to several people or companies that deliver 20, 30, 50 tweets per day.

Therefore, they won’t see your tweets unless you do XX tweets per day!
The numbers I have heard: 25, 40, “one every 15 minutes”.

Would you like some salt with that?

I unFollow accounts that generate “too many” Tweets per day.
I think 5 is OK, after that, unless there is some special reason for following them: Dump.

Maybe it’s just cause I’m over 30.
How about you?
Do you tolerate, or even like, accounts that dump a tweet on you every 15 minutes?


2 responses to “You need to post how many Tweets per day?

  1. I will mute Tweeters I follow if they post too often. If some become too self-serving and aggressive in their marketing, I will un-follow them. I wonder why? why? and why would you allow services to automate your tweets? If there’s someone whose thoughts, opinions and advice I’m interested in following, I will take the extra few minutes to look through their feed. If their blog posts show promise of future reads, I will follow their blog too 😉

    • Services do not automate my tweets. I write my own tweets. The service just delivers them when I schedule it to do so. Some services will deliver the same tweet several times a day, but I am not interested in that.

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