First steps with Docker and Company

I haven’t played with the whole cloud thing yet.
It’s about time.

I started by downloading a Docker container that contains a system that I also needed to know about.

That was pretty easy to setup and run.

Now that raised a number of questiosn for me such as:
Why would you use Docker?
What are your options?
Why does Docker have so many projects? Docker Engine, Docker Swarm, Docker Machine, Docker Unicorn.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist. As far as I know, Docker doesn’t have a Unicorn project, yet. But with the power of suggestion, don’t be surprised if one turns up.

And wasn’t there some other project for cloud stuff, with some people in Ottawa working for them?
It turns out I meant OpenStack when I asked that question.

So, why would you use OpenStack and not Docker, or vice versa?

Google for “OpenStack Docker” and you don’t get the answer to that as your first hit.
You get lots of people talking about using Docker “with” OpenStack.
Oh, and then about number 6 or 10 is actually a comparison blog post.

I liked Scott Lowe’s explanation best, of the ones I found.
“OpenStack is really more of an infrastructure orchestration tool, designed for provisioning infrastructure (VMs, volumes, networks, routers, etc.).
… Docker, on the other hand, is more an an application provisioning tool, designed to simplify how developers, operators, and organizations deploy applications.”

I am looking forward to finding out more about OpenStack, and Docker.


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