DevOps and cloud related Meetups

To find these meetups and similar ones, search for common keywords, like DevOps, AWS, and Cloud. You may need to search for the name of a particular group, or some subset of the name, and then click “Groups”.

DevOps Ottawa

Focusing on telling how real companies use DevOps, and where they are now in their journey.

Docker Ottawa

Intro to Docker, and intermediate workshops. Celebrate Docker Days.

Ottawa Python Authors Group

Python is common in DevOps, but not all of the sessions are specific to DevOps.

Ottawa Cloud Tech Meetup

Includes Microsoft Azure in with other cloud topics.

Kubernetes Ottawa

Less than monthly. Presented by Apprenda last time on their world tour!

Ottawa Big Data Enthusiasts

Two presentations at the Jan meetup.

OttData Science Meetup

Looks like it was a good meeting in Jan, with two speakers.

OpenStack Ottawa


Big Data (Next Gen Hadoop) Ingest and Transform, Ottawa

Next Gen Native Hadoop Big Data Apex Users Group, Ottawa

4 upcoming events planned.
There was a Jan event.
These two seem to describe the same meetup group?

Big Data Developers in Ottawa

Machine learning event in Feb.

Ottawa AWS User Group

Next meetup in March
Generally meet every two months.


Thanks to Len Fardella for mentioning this page in Peter’s New Jobs the week of March 20, 2017.

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