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Ottawa news: ITO 2.0, Technata, Docker

ITO 2.0 still exists!

ITO 2.0 is a specialized support service for high tech workers who are unemployed. They offer online training, workshops, career transition help, the works. When I was laid off in Sept, I tried to find it, couldn’t, and assumed it had disappeared. The staff at my local IE office did not connect me to it. Continue reading

How to I show my SSH fingerprint with colons?

The newer version of ssh-keygen uses SHA256 hash to generate the fingerprint, whereas the older ones used an MD5 hash, which has the “cute widdle colons” between every pair of characters in the hash/fingerprint.

Probably your favorite web service shows the MD5-style hash, with the colons in it. To generate this for your SSH key, use this command line:

ssh-keygen -l -E md5 -f ~/.ssh/


  • -l means generate the fingerprint
  • -E means choose the type of hash to use for the fingerprint. You can choose md5, or sha256. sha256 is the default now.
  • -f means choose the file to operate on Continue reading