Development Banners

These banners are all centered around the theme of Suburban Development, you know, where they dig up a field and put houses up?

Churches develop in Suburbs, too. This message, “Ask about our ‘Pray as you go’ Plan” reflects the ‘Capability Maturity Model’ level of many software organizations. Prayer is good, but pray for management to recognize the value of a lightweight software development process.

Ripe for development

Greenfield development is supposed to be this great thing where you can do whatever you want, with no prior work to complicate your efforts. It’s true, as far as it goes, but working with existing code is a higher art form.

Development of a basement

Bottom up development

Bottom up development has its benefits. It’s great where you need to figure out how some of the underlying technology works. It’s not the opposite of top-down, but rather its complement.

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