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From Build Engineering to DevOps

Executive Summary

This document is for Build Engineers, DevOps Developers, and the people who hire them: Software Development Manager, VP Software Development, Director of Software Development. The goal of this document is to show how to improve a software environment using modern tools, such as those used in a DevOps environment.

First is a description of Build Engineering, next, how Build Engineering can be modernized with today’s tools and processes, then a discussion of how DevOps relates to a modern Build Engineering system.

The conclusion is that much of DevOps tools and processes are required by modern Build Engineering and can be used to improve any software development environment.

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Test driven design in Bash

To test your bash scripts, or to use Bash to test other scripts, you need a way to create tests quickly and easily. I created a library to support testing in bash. I have used this library to test Bash, Python, and Perl scripts.

An updated version of the source code is available on GitHub.

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