Ottawa news: ITO 2.0, Technata, Docker

ITO 2.0 still exists!

ITO 2.0 is a specialized support service for high tech workers who are unemployed. They offer online training, workshops, career transition help, the works. When I was laid off in Sept, I tried to find it, couldn’t, and assumed it had disappeared. The staff at my local IE office did not connect me to it.

It turns out that, according to the limited anecdotal info I have so far:

  • It’s been bought.
  • It is now being run by Youth Services Bureau.
  • Youth Services Bureau has been running training for adults since 1983 (!), so even before they acquired IT 2.0.
  • They are at the same location in the glass building on Moodie Drive:
    • 301 Moodie Drive, Suite 203
    • Tel: 613-688-0440
  • They still ask you to do an orientation when you join. You need to register in advance, by phone or online.

Technata Career Fair

I had fun at the Technata Career Fair on Tuesday, March 28. There were a lot of people and over 50 companies. I came home with a Kanata North road map that also lists all of the BIA’s members, and a small stack of business cards. And a squishy little skull  I am following up with 5 companies for current positions and a couple more for future possibilities.

Someone who was there last year said that Technata was much busier this year, with more companies and more job seekers.

Docker 4th birthday meetup

There were about 40 people at the Docker Meetup, and there was enough pizza for everyone who was there on time! And the cake had a chocolate side and vanilla side, so obviously a dark side and a light side. Over half chose the Dark Side!

The opening presentation defined Docker for newcomers, then presented valuable information about the new Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

The workshops seemed well designed for the different levels of users. I worked for a while on one of them that was related to what I was trying at home, then changed to working on my own project. The workshops are still up as of March 30, 2017, you may be able to play with them for a few days.

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