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Cherrypal underdelivers

I got my Charrypal ‘Africa’ Linux on Thursday. I am happy to report that it works. Except for some pages that the broswer doesn’t like – it crashes consistently on Continue reading

Test driven design in Bash

To test your bash scripts, or to use Bash to test other scripts, you need a way to create tests quickly and easily. I created a library to support testing in bash. I have used this library to test Bash, Python, and Perl scripts.

An updated version of the source code is available on GitHub.

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ncdu – UI for du

I discovered “ncdu” today. It looks like a front end for “du”, but I like it for the visual image of relative disk space. It runs in a terminal and requires ncurses – that’s what the “nc” part of the name means.

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Agile for Ottawa Infrastructure!

Dave Rooney’s Agile Ottawa group on LinkedIn has attracted some interest from another infrastructure guy. Dan Murphy of DJM Systems has asked for a new sub-group about “Using Agile Methods for Infrastructure Projects”. Looks like an interesting group idea!

Prize: Best use of a 5 year plan

So, the new book from 37 signals, Rework, is out.

Now, I don’t watch videos much, so maybe I’m not the best judge, but 41 seconds is short enough to match my attention span, and those videos take the prize for “best use of a 5 year plan”.

Hemingway gone

So I was watching the edit page tune up, taking forever, text instead of icons, and one said “Insert More Tag”. And it did what I wanted and I just had to edit 38 or so posts, waiting for the very slow edit window to tune up 38 or so times. And now Continue reading

New tagline, eh?

Quote: “Co-ops hopped up on sugar can find a lot of bugs”

Review: IGDA round table

The International Game Developers Association, Ottawa chapter, had a round-table meeting. I enjoyed the round-table called “Managing Your Way Through a Project Lifecycle”. I found the active presence of software managers a useful part of the meeting. Continue reading

Ottawa groups

Migrated. Originally  posted: 2010-01-31 Updated lots.

Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) organizations that host events where software developers might meet other software developers.

The following groups don’t meet at the Code Factory. Yes, that’s an odd way to split the groups, but a really big chunk of groups DO meet there. Continue reading

Hemingway layout?

Could not stand a layout where you could only trundle through my (mostly verbose) posts in full text mode.

This one is better, although not ideal. Fun though.