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Numeric-only date output? Fail!

Yesterday, I donated blood again.

They have been asking you questions on the computer for the last year or so.
Example: “Have you eaten any pogo sticks in the last 30 days (since 09/01/2012)?”
The accompanying voice asks without telling you what the date was a month ago, fortunately. It was enough of a distraction that they used a different reader or a different room when they added new questions; a computer generated voice would have been actually irritating.

So there was the date, to me it meant Sept 1, and my fast read of it ignored the year which would have made that a future date. The fact that I can’t read is hardly relevant here. 🙂 The real point is that they used numeric dates, which are always ambiguous.

Take this home and tell your friends:
Complain when computers don’t display or print dates with a 4 digit year and a text month that is at least 3 letters long. Maybe we can get a culture going that actually communicates clearly.

And please take any managers you know from Canadian Blood Services to CapCHI meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at The Code Factory. then buy them a beer afterwards at whatever pub we go to.

Have you ever filled out a date field  in DYM or MYD order? Shame on you! 🙂

My ugliest … business card … ever!

My ugliest business card ever

Q-bars on business cards take up too much space and are too ugly. However, allowing people to grab your info from your card into their smart phone’s contact info directly – that’s powerful!

If I keep it, it will soon move to the back.

The gobbledy-gook is the message

Quote from Engineer:

“I got all the gobbledy-gook and assumed that was the message”

Too true.

Celebrating “Parent’s Day Off”

Today was “Parent’s Day Off” – a New Years Monday when the school board has the kids in school, the stores are open, and many companies are closed.

I decided to take my inner artist to the National Gallery of Canada. No go – they’re closed today, because it’s a Monday. Continue reading

Stop picking on Emacs!

I’ll never make a good teacher: I’ve been trying to teach her for years and years and my six year old still doesn’t understand Emacs!