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OGRE March meeting – Redis

Ever find memcached is just too limited?

Apparently Redis is the newest. It allows you to store key-value pairs, lists, sets, and even perform set operations, and have them go to disk or expire. I think Jonathan did the show and tell? There are client libraries for a bunch of languages. Continue reading

Review: Ottawa Android Developers Group

The Ottawa Android group met at 6:30pm at The Code Factory. More people should know about this group. It was a lively meeting with useful information every minute.

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plugin-container is firefox

I  don’t know why I thought it was obvious, but when you run “top” to see what is taking up resources, “plugin-container” is part of “firefox”. It’s the process that dies when Flash apps commit suicide, so that Firefox can live to show another page.

Exar quietly kills off Neterion product line

Bert Hill covered the Exar/Neterion layoff story in the Ottawa Citizen.


Exar announcement

For those people who wanted to know about my layoff from Exar, they posted a press release.

Yet Another Disposition, A?


Got laid off today. With the whole team. First layoff for one of the guys. Insert philosophical discussion about the industry here, because I don’t have time.


The gobbledy-gook is the message

Quote from Engineer:

“I got all the gobbledy-gook and assumed that was the message”

Too true.