To buy “The Grand Tour”, look for “Amazon Prime”

We got a one-year subscription to two season’s of “The Grand Tour”, you know, the new version of “Top Gear” after the team left BBC?Grand Tour comes with some other stuff that Amazon throws in for free, like free shipping on stuff you buy from them, some other TV shows, yada yada.

If you have trouble finding “The Grand Tour” on their web site, it’s called by the really weird name of “Amazon Prime”. I mean, really! That’s like when Blackberry used to call themselves “Research In Motion” or, “RIM”. What does that say for the longevity of “The Grand Tour?”. It’s like it’s a one-trick pony!

Is it a spoiler if I say that the three of them make fools of themselves? In even more dramatic or, rarely, subtle ways? No. The deaths on-set are a bit of a surprise, though. We are enjoying season 1!


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